Printed Paper Clips in our collection mostly can be divided into printed decorative binder clips, stainless steel(flat metal) paper clips and paper clip bookmarks with logo printed.

Custom Binder Clips

Binder clip is a clipping category stationery, used to clip a stack of files together.

Binder clip is also called as “swallow tail clip”, “bill clip”. The handles are removable, tight to clip paper. The material is pure metal, easy to disassemble, recyclable to use, environmental and durable. Whether you are a student or one of office workers, it is worth buying which will provide assistance for your study and work. It’s a brilliant helpmate for your office work.

Binder clips can divide into different categories: hollow-out binder clips, plastic binder clips, iron-made binder clips, stainless steel binder clips, etc.

Binder clip is made up of a spring leaf grip-body and two longer tail-handle spring steel-wire hooks. The grip-body is a spring steel sheet metal at one-step forming. The tail handles are made of steel wire. The ends connected to the grip-body are removable. The steel wire hooks can be laid flat after files are fastened which would help stack files while saving space.

Regular Sizes:

51mm, 41mm, 32mm, 25mm, 19mm, 15mm


Plastic, iron 65mm spring leaf, stainless steel spring leaf, etc.

Developed Categories

With the development and innovation of stationery, there also emerge some hollow-out binder clips without using grip-body, but fastened with steel wire only.The uncovered rate of this kind of binder clip can reach to 90%. The colors are fresh and bright, rust-proof and environmental. It is pretty favorable in the mass audiences.

There decorative binder clips have multiple uses:

1. Put your smartphone up.

You can put your smartphone up with any auxiliary things, but what would be easier than putting it at the ends of binder clips? Thus it would not need you to hold it all the time while you are seeing movies or taking photos. Definitely, if you would like to take a professional photo, you could fasten the binder clip on a tripod, holding your smartphone clipped well, then you would get a super stable mobile phone snapshot.

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