We have been working with countless customers, clients or partners, shipping worldwidely since around 2008, striving for the best product quality and customer experience for years all the time. These brands below are just a few of them, to name but a few.

These fancy paper clips in custom styles in our line have an extensive use. Our aim is to provide various solutions for whether they are small firms or big enterprises via custom designs of products and packages, which would be a perfect way to show the individuality of your business, boost the visibility of brands for any promotions or events. Also, they are greatly fantastic, creative stationery for your paper or accounting work, or decorative accessories for any gift books, envelopes and greeting cards. 

We hope that you can be benefit from the business with the creativities and craftsmanship we mutually created. We discover and identify unique opportunities, trying to redefine and bring out the best experience for the people in developped office and gift markets, personalize our business based on customers' particular requirements.

And any constructive suggestions or cooperative intentions from you will be also highly appreciated.


Western Recreation Endless West Java Momma
Goodwin Law Bario Neal Edventive Group
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Stran Taiwan Tourism Bureau, S. F. Office Birmingham Pens
shaped paper clips, custom paper clips - clients7
Airtime Paragliding Juneau Arts & Humanities Council Infrastructure Partnerships Australia



It's not only a business. There are also various interesting stories in the process of cooperations with our customers. We also appreciate their comments as left on the outcomes that we worked out technologically based on different requirements. 

Speech Cube, LLC

Heidi Martino

Amazing! We are excited to see them and hope to do purchase again in the future!!!  Thanks for being so responsive!

McDonald & Cody, LLC

Samuel Sliger

I received the clips today……will try to use them up and then get back with you for more……you are great to work with for you do all the work!!!! Thanks again for all you do.

Stensland Design 

Susan Boettner

The lotus paperclips arrived yesterday! They are beautiful. The rose gold is perfect.
I will be presenting them to the client as a holiday gift, so if all goes well I’ll be in touch early next year.

Mclean Design

Derek Mclean

I've known Jack for years and consider him a friend. He helped me with clips a decade ago, feet shapes we gave our congregation relating to a series at church about "walking the walk". He produces a nice quality product. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Mark E. Hawkins Mark These cross jumbo paper clips look great and looks like it will definitely work for me.
I cannot thank you enough on how quickly you managed to get these completed.  I commend you immensely on your hard work.

Juneau Arts & Humanities Council


These look just amazing!! We are so excited to see them.

Katie Harding

Katie Harding

I ordered these printing clips for my colleagues around the holidays and was blown away by the customer service; Jack helped me understand the pricing and details very clearly and kept me informed every step of the way. He made sure my paperclips arrived just in time, and I was really pleased with the product when it arrived. Everything was beautifully packaged - perfect for giving as gifts - and every paper clip was exactly as he'd promised. They look very sleek and will be perfect around the office. My only note is that these metal clips will not hold too many papers without bending outward, but they are perfect for 3-5 page packets.

Thank you Jack for your great service and awesome paper clips

University of Pittsburgh

Morgan Seiff

We received the logo paper clips and love them so much! Thanks for working with me to make them great. I'll let you know if we need to order any more in the near future.