Customer Service

Service Philosophy
We are devoted to establish a new business that is mainly about personalized, instantaneous service of promotional gifts and stationery. Our defining function is to deliver single servings of marketing solutions for any companies or enterprises that our customers desire, providing some form of individualized, on-demand need fulfillment in more flexible quantities and affordable payments. In Other words, our products such as custom logo paper clips, shaped paper clips are the ones of personalized desire quenchers. That is what customers want, and what they and we get.
If you are not sure how to place an order, especially for the custom projects, you could contact to us to make sure the right thing to do.
Ref Images & Designs
First, you could search the designs directly from our website. We provide a wild selection for your persual. Alternatively you can also send us your own images or logos which you would expect to make into a solid paper clip. After viewing the pictures received, we would provide our suggestions from our perspective. Once it comes to an agreement, we will make the mock-ups based on that with relevant information such as size, producing material. After that, we will move on to make the pro-production sample for the whole order.
Returns & Replacements
We hope our clients & customers love our products. But if there's any unintended consequences happen, we will proceed to the Returns & Replacements according to our workflow. Once there's any greatly serious deviation on shapes, colors, you could contact us for a further arrangement. On the other hand, there are also some exceptions not unsuitable and appliable for the Returns & Replacements Policy: The goods produced based on bilateral agreement arrives in time while customers reject the order. The order is made upon pro-production sample, but customers ask for a change on shape or size while the order is fully done.
Payment, Pricing & Promotions
As for the payment methods, there were several options: wire transfer, Western Union, Paypal. Nevertheless with the intensifying of foreign exchange control, there's more troublesome to wire transfer recently. You have to provide invoice of order and duty-paid proof to have payment tranfered sucessfully. For the pricing, we have labelled all for the products posted on our webiste. But for the custom projected based on customers' requests, we usually make the prices according to different shapes, sizes and colors because every of these factors affects the final costs. We will also hold promotions from time to time. There's also an area for special offers.
Shipping & Delivery
We will might do some adjustment to shipping costs at irregular intervals because the freight is fluctuating every day due to the change of fuel charges, insurance expenses etc. For some remote places, there are also surcharges for the extra shipping. In the past 2020, with the outbreak of covid-19, the freights of some shipping routes had increased a lot due to the great decrease of airlines. For the shipping routes, the default method is courier, but we also have different options including sea shipping, air shipping. If there isn't any special requests on delivery time, we could think to have goods shipped by the way as you wish which possibly take lower costs on shipping charges.
Viewing Orders
You have to register to become one of our members, then you'll have the authority to view the orders. After the shipping reaches out, we will provide the tracking number so that you can check the shipping status and relevant information directly on expess-delivery website.
Updating Account Information
You can edit your profile and information freely on your own terms once you have an account. As for the system updates, we will send them by newletters on a regular basis or irregular intervals. Otherwise you can also contact us for a further assistance.