FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Get A Quote For My Logo-Shaped Paper Clip?
When You would like to get a quote for a custom paper clip based on your logo.You have to send us the order details first which are supposed to include your logo image that you would expect to make into a solid paper clip,the quantity you would expect to get,and what colors or even size requests if there's any, and the shipping destination for your order, so that we can work out the accurate price & freight for you.
What Parts Make Up The Prices As We Provided?
The displayed prices under product information on our website, and the ones we work out for custom projects only include the pricings for products themselves. They are based on FOB China's port, insurances not included. That is to say, on principle we wouldn't need take responsibility for the damage or missing caused by various accidents and force majeure factors such as war, earthquake, typhoon, hurricane, strike, governmental requisition,incidents of violence, and so on. So, if you would like more safeguard measures for your order, you would need some surcharge additionally for the insurance via third-party organizations.
Does The Price Include The Shipping?
The price doesn't include the shipping cost. Our prices are based on FOB prices and plus pre-paid freights in most cases. Also, we can also alter or adjust the shipping methods according to customers' different requests. For the packages that for a special event, or the buyers are not willing for a long time, we would recommend an air shipment or express delivery which usually would take 5-7 workdays or two weeks or so to arrive while the sea shipment usually would need 25-35 days. But, accordingly, the freight by air or express delivery is much expensive than shipping via sea.
Can I Designate The Shipping Method?
Yes. If you would like to have the order shipped for freight collect by express delivery, then please provide your account of express delivery service such as DHL, FEDEX or UPS etc, choosing the service level options(usually for UPS), then we will ship out according to the channel of shipping route as you specify. If the shipment is by sea, or air, then you can designate a shipping forwarder at your end, have them to contact us when our mass production of your order is coming to the closure. We also would prepare the necessary documents such as packing list, commercial invoice and declaration certificate of entrustment to make sure all will run properly in the shipment to come.
What Is The Turnover Time Of My Order?
The turnover time depends on specific situations:
For an order of shaped paper clips made of wire, the production time usually takes 12-14 days upon order approval and after the down payment is paid.
For an order of stainless steel paper clips, the production time usually take 15-20 days upon order approval and after the deposit is down.
Also, for the orders we already have stocks, usually we would send out within 3-5 days.
The shipping time depends on different shipping routes:
If we have orders shipped by express delivery service, then usually it would take 5-7 workdays without warehouse scheduling. But if with scheduling, then it would depend.
If we have orders shipped through air shipment, usually it takes about 14-16 days without warehouse scheduling after it reaches out.
If we have orders delivered via sea shipment, then usually it would take about 25-30 days since the packages are sent out.
Is A Split Payment Acceptable For My Order?
Usually for the orders with small amounts, the payment is generally down at a time. But for those whose amounts are high such as thousands or tens of thousands, yes, we accept split payments. The down payment is usually 40-50%, and usually paid before mass production. After the completion of order, the balance would need to be paid upon the confirmation of order status or the bill of lading of order.
How Do I Track My Order?
First, when you place an order, please provide the correct shipping information as detailed as possible to make sure the shipment carries out smoothly. After the shipping reaches out, we would provide the tracking number of your order so that you can track the shipping status of packages on logistics provider's website, or your order page on Paypal etc. There is possibly a delay of warehouse scheduling due to customs affairs sometimes. We could also provide a temporary assistance to check the status if there is an emergency.