Promotional gifts have been probably a conception of hot sport for years while it’s just started up and been brought into shape focus by people. All vendors try rummaging their brain to source out all kinds of ways to capture the market besides “price war”. It becomes more and more effective to attract the attention from media and the gaze from customers.

Implementation methods

1. Buying products, presenting the corresponding gifts. The gifts could be big, or small. Buying the staples, presenting the subsidiaries. Presenting the little new special unique gifts.

2. Drawing a lottery or raffle after buying the products, the prize could be given with the valuable gifts.

3.When buying the products, allow them to get the related matching,or auxiliary ones by adding a little money. The extensive customers are marching into an ear of rational consumption. Some bizarre and queer promotional methods probably can attract the attention of markets and the eyeballs of customers. But when they really go to choose the consumptive products. They will not always choose the products like that. So, the proper promotional methods, plus the quality of the products themselves and service, is the key of capture the markets.

Gift Recommendation

If you want to do a promotion, the first thing is the choice of promotional gifts. The requirement of an ideal promotional gift is that this gift is favorable, new, special, unique and fancy. It can meet the demand of psychology of seeking novelty objectives, and has the value of practicability. They wouldn’t been thrown away easily when customers take them back.

The gifts would bring the convenience to the target audience’s life and family, and helpful for the storing and eating of your own products of your company, but with cheap prices, Also it can meet “a thing is valued if it is rare”. Intensify the buying psychology of target audiences’.

The promotional gifts or value-added gifts nowadays on the markets with cheap prices are very prevalent. They can’t be patented. So, these promotional gifts are been seen and bought everywhere which can’t match the psychology of seeking novelties. So, The consequence is, the promotional gifts, or value-added gifts are more and more ignored. The vendors more and more attach importance to the price war. Price war becomes a focus which keeps the profit of companies’ lower and lower, the investment is bigger and bigger.

The changing speed of market demands is becoming faster and faster, which leads to the prompt changing of gift producer’s productions. So, who can occupy the market first,who can win the customers.In the traditional enterprises,the cycle of the whole production and circulation are both long,which means the big occupation of lots of resource in the whole cycle.But the information technology can solve the problems of meeting the needs of market and lower the time cost.

The promotional gift suppliers have to proceed to the production according the need of markets. The made products (it is a kind of service to intermediary business).It can’t achieve its commercial value until it is launched on markets. There’s no market, there’s no reason for companies exist.

In recent years, promotional gifts become a conception of hot sport. It is an effective method of enhance the awareness of brands by presenting the gifts with company logo,or promotional characters. Because these promotional gifts are usually presented when selling the products with the distinctive features of products and companies on it, they are usually OEM supplies. The suppliers customize the products upon identifying the buyers’ needs.

Promotion gifts often bring an impression of low-prices. But there are also some other companies would like to use high-level materials and new technologies to improve the product quality to attract customers. The prices of raw materials have a fierce influence to the whole business of promotional gifts. The prices of fossil oil, textile material, metal and plastic are all affecting the cost of promotion gifts. The promotional gifts in the dressing category take much proportion in all the promotional items

According to the forecasting report of gifts fashion trend in Shanghai in 2010, Environmental protection, low carbon will be the research and development of gifts innovation. The application of ecological environmental protection will be achieved via technical methods, gradually decreasing the consumption of natural resources. On the other hand, in the near future, multifunctional products, such as two-in-one, or three-in-one keychain, the multi-functional calendars with radio and USB accessories will have a long development. At the meanwhile, those promotional gifts with newest designs will be popular for more and more enterprises in the high-valued image.

Promotional gifts are a carrier of emotional expression between firms and consumers. In order to build an emotional bridge, enterprises will put in more energy on purchase of use of promotion gifts. Compared with the situation of the costs of advertising media staying in a high position without going down, even conversely up, the promotional gifts have the advantages of low-cost, terrific and fast effect, Also the promotional effect is easy to calculate. It is one of the promotional methods in the highest cost-performance. It has been an inexorable trend to the increasing need of advertising promotional gifts.