We have different color options for custom paper clips:

The colors of shaped paper clips or printed paper clips are usually made according to Pantone Matching System(PMS) color chart if you are seeking a 100% match. We also make electroplating, oxidation and electrophoresis colors as well which usually look more glossy. The minimum quantities may differ based on the different producing materials and surface treatment methods.

PMS colors for custom paper clips


1. Plastic-coating Colors:

Accurately speaking, now we are using plastic spraying coat colors which are comparatively kinda complicated. It is also called electrostatic powder coating. It is through spraying plastic powder onto the iron wire surface of paper clips that it plays a protective and decorative role. Then put them into an oven with a certain temperature. The powder would melt down and level out under the high temperature, finally solidifies and was formed to be a pyknotic plastic coating.

Plastic-coating color is the most common method to deal with our orders received. It would be more convenient and economical to use the frequently-used colors in our color chart photo as shown below. The minimum quantity is 3-5 000 pieces if you accept the similar colors which match your target color the closest.

If it is a totally new and rare PMS color, the quantity would probably need 50 000 pieces per color unless you pay some extra color-matching fee. You could contact us in advance to be sure on this point if you want that many.

frequently-used colors for shaped paper clips

2. Baking-paint colors:

Baking color is a common coating technology in production of shaped paper clips and custom binder clips. Baking paint technology could provide a beautiful and durable surface paintcoat. The basic principle of baking-paint technology is to spray the paint onto the wire or metal surface, then put them into a high-temperature oven to solidify which would make the paint sturdy and durable, also enhance its anti-corrosion performance and abrasive resistance.

You could customize any Pantone color numbers in baking paint based on Pantone brochure. The minimum quantity of paper clips in baking paint color is usually 5 000pcs. Also custom baked-paint colors would attract some extra fees on color matching. So, if color is not an important factor for your project, we recommend you could try to use the frequently-used colors in our collection as above due to the significant increase on baking-paint color cost.

Baking-paint colors are more flexible than plastic-coating ones on color selection. Customizing a plastic coating color of wire usually require a large minimum quantity starting with tens of thousands while the moq of baking-paint paper clips could be much smaller. So it would be more reasonable, rational and economical to find a most similar number in our color chart to match your target color.

mouse shaped paper clips in sprey-paint color

3. Electroplating colors:

Plating colors look pretty shining. Compared with other colors, these plating ones usually look more glossy and classy. It generally includes electroplating silver, (imitation) gold, rose gold, black, red, green, blue, etc.

plating colors of paper clips

From the point of effects, the gold, rose gold, silver, black work best cos' these colors look more consistent and stable while the rest sometimes would be a little bit uneven due to their properties. The minimum quantity for electroplating clips is usually 5 000 pieces. And the costs depend on the actual requirements of electroplating colors or technologies. Usually barrel electroplating wouldn't bring a significant increase on cost while the cost of rack plating is usually higher than the former one. Also the plating color costs of green, purple, blue, retro would be slightly higher than the others due to the scrap rate of uneven colors that might happen.

For those shaped paper clips with open structures, we usually have to make their colors through rack plating, hanging uncolored clips on rack one by one, because they would tend to tagnle each other during the color-processing. Such workloads would attract and affect the final price due to the extra color cost.

shaped paper clips in gold and rose gold

gold and silver shaped paper clips

4. Multi-color Plating:

Multi-color plating is a surface execution technology by making use of electrochemistry to make a color coating on metal surface. During this process, it requires a special chemical compound to make a multi-color thin film. It would enhace the abrasive resistance and anti-corrosion performance, meanwhile, increasing aesthetic of paper clips.

The most frequently-used electroplating colors are silver, gold, rose gold and black, but we also have some other color swatches of plating colors rarely used for paper clips as below usually called multi-color plating, we could help check with our plating factory for a price if you have a special request for your project.

electroplating color swatches for paper clips

It's a more advanced and practical method of color processing to meet your special demands. The colors look pretty shining, colorful and more consistent and smooth than other materials. The requested minimum quantity is same as electroplating ones.

dazzled color for shaped paper clips


5. Printing Colors:

For the custom printed paper clips and custom binder clips, the colors can be made in the way similar to the process of vinyl-coating colors. They can conform to Pantone color chart upon customers' requirements. The printing methods are various: silk printing, transfer printing, UV printing, etc. 

In sum, this is the general distinction or division of colors and quantities. We also support mixed colors once your purchase meets our request on quantity or stock situation of materials or colors. So please contact us if you have any special requests for your purchase plan.