We have different color options for custom paper clips:

Except for the colors in electroplating, oxidation and electrophoresis, we usually make the colors for our orders according to Pantone Matching System(PMS) color chart. If you are seeking a 100% matching color, the minimum quantities are different based on the different producing materials and surface treatment methods.

PMS colors for custom paper clips


1. Plastic-coat Colors: This is the most common method to deal with our orders received. It would be more convenient and economical to use the frequently-used colors in our color chart photo as shown below. The minimum quantity is 3-5 000 pieces if you accept the similar colors which match your specified target color the closest. If it is a totally new PMS color, the quantity would be 100 000 pieces per color unless you pay some extra color-matching fee.

frequently-used colors for shaped paper clips

2. Paint-sprey colors: You could customize any Pantone color numbers in baked paint based on Pantone brochure. The minimum quantity is usually 3-5 000pcs. Also custom baked-paint colors would incur some extra fees on color matching. 

So if color is not an important factor for your project, we recommend you could try to use the frequently-used colors in our collection as above.

mouse shaped paper clips in sprey-paint color

3. Electroplating colors: It usually includes electroplated silver, (imitation) gold, rose gold, black, red...etc.

The minimum quantity for electroplating clips is usually 3-5 000 pieces. And the costs depend on the actual requirements of electroplating colors or technologies. Presently silver(nickel) electroplating wouldn't bring a significant increase on cost. For gold colors, the cost of rack plating is usually higher than barrel plating.

shaped paper clips in gold and rose gold

gold and silver shaped paper clips

The most frequently-used electroplating colors are silver and gold, but we also have some other color swatches of electroplating colors rarely used for paper clips as below, please contact us for a price if you have a special request.

electroplating color swatches for paper clips


4. Multi-color Plating: It's a more advanced and practical color execution to meet your production demand. The requested minimum quantity is same as electroplating ones.

dazzled color for shaped paper clips


Anyway, it is a general distinction or division of colors and quantities. We also support mixed colors once your purchase requirements meet our request on quantity or stock situation of materials or colors. So please contact us if you have any special requests for your purchase plan.