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Hat Clips
custom hat brim clips
Hat clips are also called as brim clips. It refers to the clips for hat brims usually made of wire or alloy metal. They look extraordinarily fun, cute, stylish, creative and durable, and have multiple uses as shown below:

Decorative Accessories – The best ornament for hat brim to show your individuality and pride in various occasions: celebrations, hunting or fishing seasons, making you brand out of the crowd.

Business Gifts – They are fantastic for employees, friends, customers, clients to show affection in holidays in all kinds of events such as anniversaries, commemorations, theme parties, golfing games etc.

Promotional Gifts – Perfect for next promotion to show the uniqueness and distinctiveness of your business, getting your ideas across via custom logo designs.

We also specialize in custom hat clips designed and produced based on customer requirements.

Materials and Colors
custom wire hat clips in different shapes

For wire shaped hat clips, we usually make them with wire material in the diameters of 1.5-1.6 mm.

The metal hat brim clips are usually made of zinc alloy.

custom metal hat brim clips

As for the color options of wire brim clips, it can be made upon customer requirements.

For the metal hat clips, the colors can be produced by many different methods: baking paint, epoxy, oil pressure and enamel etc.
Order Process

First, there usually need to be a reference picture or a detailed specification provided, so that we can clearly know what you are exactly looking for.

We will work on a prototype or mock-up for your preview and approval for the subsequent production.

After we agree on all the details about artwork, color, quantity, price, lead time and the payment is down, we will proceed to the production within the time frame.

After all is done, we will send photos of solid products for the approval of delivery. And the buyer need to pay the balance if there is. And we will arrange to ship it out and provide the tracking information.


Terms of Minimum Quantity
custom hat clips in big foot shape
(1) For wire hat clips, the minimum quantity is usually 2 500-3 000pcs. More or less will be fine.
The color sometimes is also an issue. If it has to be made into spray-paint colors, then the required minimum quantity is generally 3 000pcs. For electroplating colors, then less will be also fine.
(2) For alloy metal hat brim clips, the mini quantity is usually 120-150pcs.
(3) Excluding the requirement on minimum quantity as above, custom pojects would require a set-up charge US$200.
If you don't mind paying the set-up cost additionally, then we could also go ahead with much smaller quantities according to the lowest consumption standard .
This is just a rough division on minimum order quantity for shaped paper clips in wire. Mainly it depends on different producing materials or technologies. If you have a special request for custom project, just please contact us to specify it to check the possibility.
Payment Options

To be clear, all the prices for the stocked designs or custom projects are based on FOB China's port.

That means, if you would like a compensation for the damage, missing of your packages caused by various unexpected situations or force majeure factors such as customs inspection, governmental requisition, strike, incident of violence, war, earthquake etc, you would probably need a third-party issurance to secure transporation and payment.

Also, if your order is for an urgent specific event or promotion, please do not forget to advise us the deadline for use, so that we can prearrange the idealest shipping route for the delivery, otherwise we are not reponsible for the loss caused by shipping delay.

Here are the available options for payment methods:

1. Paypal (via Credit/Debit Card)

We are inclined to process payments with credit/debit cards via Paypal as a intermedium since we are in China.

We are not sure how payments flow directly between credit cards transnationally, so we use Paypal as a bridge for the payment.

However it doesn't require you to have a Paypal account as well. We would send you a Paypal link once all is confirmed. And you could visit and get it done within minutes via the credit/debit card channel as below. It is safe and convenient(with a money-back guarantee and dispute system), and would only need a few simple steps.

2. Wire Transfer

For the amount over US $500), in most cases it would be more economical but slower to proceed via bank transfer fully, or partially to save the transaction fee. But due to the current foreign exchange control, you have to provide commercial invoice and duty-paid proof. It usually takes 3-5 workdays to arrive for wire transfer.

3. Other Methods

Western Union and any other payment methods would be also workable if we both agree on that.


Packaging Options
Here are just some options presently for the packing use.
(1) Polybag
All the orders are packed with poly-bags in bulk (Usually 500pcs per bag) if customers have no special request on packaging. And we provide polybags for free of charge.
But if customers would like the paper clips packed into polybag pouches such as 10 clips per bag, 20 clips or 30 clips per bag, that would incur a surcharge of packing fee.
(2) Tin Box
We have different specifications of tin boxes for different requests. And you can also put a sticker on the lid, or make a print directly on it.
(3) Plastic Box
Plastic crystal box looks clear, neat, luxury and economical. It is perfect for packing shaped paper clips.
(4) Paper Box
The minimum quantity of paper box is around 5 000pcs, but negotiable for different specifications. And customers have to specify the details such as dimensions, cardboard specifications, and print if there’s any.
(5) Blister card
This package is usually for the sale of supermarket, emporiums with its hanging hole design. And customers have to specify the relevant details as paper box as well: dimensions, prints etc.
Also if you would like a custom packaging designed and made upon customers' requests, then please share your ideas with us, so that we can check the availability with our associated suppliers.
Contact & Inquire Us
If you are looking for a custom solution for your project, or anything you could count on us, please just contact us for a further direct discussion via Contact US page or the information below:
Tel: +86 575 8335 3700; +86 152 6751 1098


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