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4 inch paper clips, giant paper clips, jumbo paper clips

Jumbo Paper Clips
jumbo paper clips, extra large paper clips

Jumbo paper clips in our business line refer to any wire or sheetmetal paper clips made into large sized contours with wire or metal forming technology by using the techniques such as bending, swaging, piercing, chamfering, shearing, etc. They are usually made of thicker or bigger materials than common ones, and can be formed into different shapes according to different materials and specs: jumbo binder clips (fish clips), jumbo wire paper clipsjumbo metal hinge clips or 4 inch paper clips in standard style.

What size is a jumbo paper clip? Currently there is actually not an accepted standard yet on the market. We usually design and make jumbo paper clips longer than 50mm or 3 - 4 inches. Technologically bigger sizes are also not a problem with given particular materials. It's just a matter of cost. We may need to hold a discussion beforehand if you would like a customized job for your project or event.

Jumbo paper clips look obviously much cooler, more fun, durable and practical which can hold stacks of paper or even books, not only just paper and cards. And just as Mr. Ismay says, size means Stability, Luxury and Strength. Presently all the jumbo paper clips that can been seen around on the market are all in ordinary styles while we specialize in these entertaining and relaxing ones formed into different shapes besides the regular.

glasses jumbo paper clips, giant paper clips

Wire jumbo paper clips is a brand-new business for the market that few people have tapped into or buy them for the use in our everyday lives. We can design and make various extra large paper clips in different shapes, sizes and colors, just as we can do for our shaped paper clips, or logo paper clips. It will be sure to bring you an extraordinary user experience or show your pride especially if you get one customized for your own.

dragon jumbo paper clips, extra large aper clipsjumbo paper clips, extra large aper clips

What are jumbo paper clips used for? These extra large paper clips are much more practical than common ones:

  • Creative Stationery – They are more durable and rigid than ordinary paper clips for paperwork in various organizations such as schools, offices, libraries, etc, facilitating people to work effectively and exuberantly. They are also the best, interesting gadgets to sort and file papers or documents, numbering pages by numbers, letters, months or weeks paper clips or different-colored paper clips.
  • Decorative Accessories – They are brilliant decorations as decorative bookmarks or adornments for any gift books, envelopes, DIY holiday cards, gift package toppers, or brims as hat brim clips. They are also party or wedding favors for receptions or decoration to foster an atmosphere.
  • Business Gifts – A fantastic, delightful gift for friends, customers, visitors, employees, etc to show affection in various events: conferences, holidays, celebrations, teachings, etc.
  • Promotional Gifts – It offers a cool and novel way for companies or organizations to stand out from the clutter, showing the individuality of your business, reaching new customers via custom logo jumbo paper clips, getting across your business ideas.

We are also top-notch in custom jumbo paper clips produced upon customers' requirements, especially the logo jumbo paper clips as shown below which I think is perfect from a marketing perspective.

Logo Jumbo Paper Clips for Bario Neal, Extra Large Paper Clips

The Categories of Jumbo Clips

In a broad sense, all the clips in different forms and bigger sizes than regular ones can be called "Jumbo Clips".

"Jumbo paper clips" here mainly refers to the selection includes wire paper clips, metal hinge clips and binder clips in giant sizes. If you are interested in other forms, you could just go clicking to the links above to view more, or just contact us when get a chance.

We generally classify "Jumbo Clips" according to different product structures and materials. They could be divided as follows:

Jumbo Paper Clips (Jumbo Wire ClipsMetal Hinge ClipsJumbo Binder Clips )

Wire Hat Clips (Wire Hat ClipsMetal Hat Clips)

Memo Clips (Wire Coil & Iron BaseResin & Plastic BaseWooden Base ) 

Materials, Colors & Prices

What is a jumbo paper clip made of? Usually we have them made into wire or metal.

Common wires used for wire jumbo paper clips could be iron, steel, brass, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, and sometimes alloys. Wire diameters of these extra large paper clips vary from 0.5 mm to 4.0 mm, or 1/64th of an inch to a quarter inch and can manufacture 2 and 3 dimensional wire-formed paper clips. And logos can be bent and shaped by wires or made by imprinting.

Iron Wire

The wire large paper clips in our business line are mostly in ø1.2-1.5mm.

ø2.0mm or even ø4.0mm are also possible for custom jumbo paper clips. ø4.0mm is usually used for making decorative wall art. ø1.2 and ø1.5mm wires are the mostly frequently-used materials that we use for large paper clips. Sometimes it would be also fine to make a long and narrow paper clip with ø1.0mm wire, just like the evolution jumbo paper clips as below.

Evolution Jumbo Paper Clips | Extra Large Paper Clips

For other gauges of wires, we'd better disuss about it beforehand based on clients' specific requirements.

Stainless Steel Wire

We also use stainless steel wire to make jumbo paper clips, skeleton binder clips(fish clips).

The iron wires we use are pretty ductile and malleable to make various shapes for different themes, not easy to break. And the stainless steel wire for clips that usually have a better performance on ductility while the malleability and bendability are inferior.

Metal or Metal + Wire 

Our printed clips and binder clips can be made of these materials as stated, both of which are usually covered with prints on the metal portion.


The available colors could be electroplating silver, plating gold (or rose gold), chromatic, etc. We can also make custom baking paint colors if customers want them made into particular Pantone numbers.

For the color availability, you could refer to the page of color options for details.


How much does a jumbo paper clip cost? The prices depends on the actual requirements such as paper clip size, structural complexity, clip surface treatment etc.


Terms of Minimum Quantity

We usually make and sell 3 000pcs as the minimum due to the set-up charges of jumbo paper clips.

For custom projects, you could just advise us how many pieces you expect to get first, and we would look into the possibilities based on specific situations, estimating the actual size and cost.

For the quantities smaller than the requested minimum, we would also take it into account if you don't mind paying the set-up charge.

Order Process

How to order jumbo paper clips?

The order process is similar to shaped paper clips: design-proofing-production-shipping.

(1) Please make sure what kind of jumbo paper clip you expect to be made, then inform us the order details such as shape, quantity, color and size. For example, if you would like a jumbo wire paper clip, please show us the image for reference to check the possibility to make into a solid clip.

reference picture for jumbo large paper clips

(2) According to the details as provided, we would creative an artwork of mock-up upon customers’ requirements, submitting the price and size information as well.

mock up for the jumbo large paper clips

(3) Buyers confirm the mock-up design and pricing information, proceeding to the payment. And we press ahead the production upon the confirmation.

jumbo wire paper clips, wire large paper clips, giant paper clip

(4) We arrange the shipment, providing the tracking number upon the approval on delivery.

The customization process of jumbo printed clipsjumbo binder clips follow the same procedure as above.

(1) For custom binder clips, you would need to provide order details first such as specifications needed(19cm, 25mm, or 41mm, 51mm etc), wire handles (in normal or special shapes ), imprinting requests, quantities and colors, so that we can work out an accurate price for you.

(2) Upon the confirmation, we could also make mockups if necessary and process orders.

(3) After the cargo are sent out, we would provide tracking numbers as well.

For the stocked styles of jumbo binder clips or metal hinge clips in different sizes, you could check them out, and do a direct purchase from there.

rose gold paper clips, custom binder clips

large bulldog clips, metal hinge clips

Packaging of Jumbo Paper Clips

For the packaging methods, it is usually similar to that of shaped paper clip or logo paper clip category. It usually includes paper box, blister card, plastic box and tin box, etc, but in bigger dimensions.

Payment Methods

As for the payment methods, we have different options available. Our preference is to process it via Paypal invoice with your credit card through Credit/Debit Card channel. Wire transfer could be also possible, but it would be a bit time-consuming and also, frankly in my view, is not very safe for big amounts. 

1. Credit / Debit Cards (Via Paypal invoice)

When you purchase our products on our website directly, the payment would be finally redirected to “Paypal Express Checkout” to be made. It would automatically generate a Paypal invoice for you and you could get it done within minutes by a few steps.

Also Paypal DOESN'T require that you have to get a Paypal account first. For any custom projects of shaped paper clips, you could process them with your credit card via the Credit / Debit Card Channel as showed. It's safe and easy to do.

payment for shaped paper clips

2. Wire Transfer

For the amount over US $500), in most cases it would be more reasonable to proceed via bank transfer fully, or partially to save the transaction fee. You can process payments through our private account only with the name of “labor fee” or “service charge” due to the present foreign exchange control, or the account of our export agent in Hongkong. Also you might have to provide invoices and tax proofs. It usually takes 2-4 workdays to arrive through wire transfer. 

3. Other Methods

Western Union and any other payment methods would be also workable if we both agree on that.


Expanded Uses

Besides the primary uses of Jumbo Paper Clips as above, there are also a lot of extended uses of wire shaping craftworks.

They can be also made into Hat Brim Clips as below:

hat clips, brim clips in big foot

Also, if we enlarge the sizes widely, then they also can be made into Wire Home Decors, or Hanging Home Decorations, or Desk Accessories such as Wire Pencil Holders:

wire home decors

wire home decors

wire pencil holder, wire pen hold cups

On the whole, these are all potential and lucrative if we look at them from the aspect of niche markets, because they are not only the great decorations for various occasions such as homes, offices, schools, companies, etc, but also very practical for multiple uses, for example, promotions or events. 

Using these fancy jumbo paper clips is just like adding spicies into your daily work. It is a novel and easy way to improve your work efficiency, helping alleviate your pressure, promoting your mind to work more effectively, helping you unwind and relax to keep an exuberant mood. The only thing holding us back is your vision. If you can give it a try, then we would help you make it happen.

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