Logo Paper Clips

logo paper clips, promotional paper clips

Logo Paper Clips
custom logo paper clips; shaped paper clips
Logo Paper Clips are made of wires shaped into logos, or metal sheets with imprinting logos on.
They in large part are also promotional paper clips, because the main purpose of them are for promotions or various business events: new product release meetings, business conferences, celebrations, holidays etc.
They can be wire paper clips made into exclusive logo shapes, or the metal paper clips with an imprinted or etching logo on one side or both sides.
Different logos are a visual expression way to have your company or business distinguished from others in crowded markets. So these logo paper clips are a perfect marketing tool to show the individuality of your business, a fun way to express your individuality and pride, also getting your ideas across via images or characters.
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Multiple Uses
Promotional Gifts - They are creative advertising gifts for any of  events or promotions such as anniversaries, celebrations, exhibitions etc to show the uniqueness, and distinctiveness of your business, boost the visibility of your brand.
Office Supplies - They are also widely used in offices, schools, libraries, bookstores as creative stationery, cute bookmarks.
Decorative Accessories - It could be also the unique decorative accessories to any notebooks, greeting cards, invitation cards, or for a party, or a wedding.
custom logo paper clips, promotional paper clips
Producing Materials
For the logo promotional paper clips made of wire, we usually use 1.0-1.2mm wire diameter(for the jumbo paper clips, it is 1.5mm or so in wire diameter).
And for the stainless steel paper clips with logo imprinting, the thickness of metal sheet is about 0.27mm.
Regarding the binder clips in our line, the metal port of splint is usually in 0.2-0.3mm and can be made in full imprint. and there are some different specifications for it: 19mm, 25mm, 41mm etc. The diameter of wire handle is usually in 1.2-1.5mm.
Order Process
For existing designs, you could pick up one of them in our collection, and place the order directly.(2) If you want a custom paper clip, the order process usually will be:
Step 1: Buyers could send us an inquiry first including the order details.
The details include an image to show the logo shape, quantity, color, package request if there’s any. Take the Mac Apple image for example:
logo image for paper clips
Step 2: We would design a mock-up artwork based on the image provided to show what the final solid paper clip looks like.
mock up of logo paper clips
Step 3: We quote the price based on customer’s confirmation, check the delivery time as well.
Step 4: Then buyer arranges the payment partially or fully as agreed on.
Step 5: We proceed to the production of order (A sampling will be done usually if for a large quantity).
logo paper clips
Step 6: We send the high-resolution photos for confirmation to have the buyer know the order status.

Step 7: The buyer completes the balance of payment based on the copy of B/L if there’s any.

Step 8: We arrange the shipment, provide the tracking number once we get it from our shipper.

Step 9: Close the deal if everything is OK.

You also could have them made into logo imprinted paper clips in stainless steel or metal binder clips.

Up to the presently, we've had some frequently-used templates of imprinted stainless steel paper clips as below:

stainless steel paper clips with logo imprint

We certainly also can customize a template for a special project, but which would incur an additional mold charge.

If you would like order these, then you would need advise us order requests of your order as above: dimensions, quantities, printed or etching text etc. We could make a mockup to show what it would look like.

logo imprinted paper clips; promotional paper clips

After that, we'd proceed to it based on your requirements and confirmation.


We can also make logo paper clips into logo-etching stainless steel paper clips which look pretty cool, fun and unique.

stainless steel paper clips with laser engraved logo

We also can have customer's logo imprinted onto the metal sheet of binder clips as follows:

metal binder clips, office binder clips

Order Requests
(1) The minimum quantity mostly depends on the color issue. For a custom PMS color, the MOQ for vinyl-coated colors is usually 100 000pcs each. But, if the spray-paint colors are also acceptable for the wire shaped paper clips, then the minimum quantity could be around 5 000 pieces, just custom colors would cost additionally due to color-matching fee.
For the standard colors as showed in our color chart, the minimum quantity is 5 000 pieces per color.
(2) As for the shapes for which we have hand-held molds or stocks, we can sell it in small quantities, but would probably take longer on production time.


Packaging Options
(1) The default packaging is to pack into polybags with a paper card in bulk.
logo imprinted stainless steel paper clips(2) We can also make a custom packaging solution such as plastic boxes, tin boxes, blister cards etc.
stainless steel paper clips; imprinted logo paper clips
Payment Methods

For the products in our collection, you could directly buy them from our website. The default payment method is “Payapl Express Checkout”.

For big amount (usually over US $500),you could make the payment via bank transfer fully, or partially to save the transaction fee.


Contact&Inquire Us
If you have any special requests for custom paper clips or anything in doubt, please contact us for details. we’ll look forward to a further negotiation.please just contact us for a further direct discussion via:
Contact: Jack
Tel: +86 575 8335 3700; +86 152 6751 1098

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