Logo Paper Clips

logo paper clips, promotional paper clips

Logo Paper Clips
custom logo paper clips; shaped paper clips
Logo Paper Clips are the paper clips made of wire, metal or plastic with the logos shaped or imprinted. It could be in many forms: wire logo paper clips, logo binder clips or flat metal paper clips with imprinting logos on one or both sides. Sometimes it could also be an etching or pressing logo on stamping&bent metal paper clips. It allows you to put any logo, icon or image on the clips. In some degree it's a further extension and application of the shaped paper clips category. 
They in large part are also promotional paper clips, because the main function of logo paper clips are for the use of various promotions or business events: new product release meetings, business conferences, celebrations, or holidays etc, giving them away as advertising promotional gifts to show affection to visitors, customers, students, employees, etc. In morden commercial society, the importance of owning an excellent logo is self-evident as we all know. Logo is a visual communication or expression of business philosophy, value orientation and enterprise activities which makes your company or business distinguished from others in crowded markets. So these logo paper clips are a perfect marketing tool to show the individuality of your business, a fun and effective way to boost the visibility of your brand, also getting your ideas across via custom designs for special logos or symbols.
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Multiple Uses
These logo shaped paper clips are more cost-efficient than common promotional materials.
The problem with those ordinary promotional materials is, they never seem to entirely belong to you. It looks more like they are on loan-a rental. In other words, ordinary items are a distraction, a way of losing yourself. An inappropriate promotion gift is likely to have a depressing effect while these personalized branded paper clips is more pleasing to the eye and enlivens the atmosphere. 
Compared with a formal and large spending on conventional promotional items, they not only save money, but also have better and effective effect with its impressive and creative designs.
They have multiple uses usually as below:
Promotional Gifts - These logo paper clips are perfect for next promotion or event such as conferences, celebrations, receptions, exhibitions, etc to show the individuality of your business and the affection to customers, visitors, employees, etc, reaching new customers, promoting the visibility of your brand, conveying your business ideas via custom paper clips.
Office Supplies - They are also widely used in offices, schools, libraries, bookstores as creative stationery, cute bookmarks, helping people manage paper work more effectively.
Decorative Accessories - They are the best decoration for any gift books, scrapbooks, envelopes, DIY greeting cards, invitation cards, etc. They are also party or wedding favors for receptions, fostering a lovely atmosphere as ornaments.
We are also delighted to further discuss custom logo paper clips upon clients' requirements in different shapes, colors and sizes.
custom logo paper clips, promotional paper clips
Producing Materials&Sizes
Logo paper clips are greatly fun, stylish, durable and impressive, ductile and malleable for make.
Compared with those conventional, dull promotional materials such as flyers, postcards, umbrellas, cups etc, these promotional paper clips look more creative, novel and effective while in lower in budget. This is a greatly effective, first-choice solution for your next promotion or any other events.
The material options of logo paper clips depend on how to deal with the logos for clips.
(1) Iron wire or stainless steel wire - If we make paper clips with wires shaped like any special logos, then we can use wires in the diameters: ø1.0mm, ø1.2mm, ø1.5mm, ø4-5mm etc.
The mostly frequently-used is ø1.0-1.2mm. ø1.5mm is ususally for jumbo paper clips and ø4.0mm or more is more common for wire home decorations.
The size range is generally from 20mm to 50mm. Usually the sizes can be made incrementally bigger as the wire diameters increase. Otherwise the frame would be fragile. But for the clip sizes over 50mm in 1.5mm iron or stainess steel wire, we usually take them as wire jumbo paper clips.
(2) Stainless steel sheetmetal - If we make logos by imprinting, then we usually use 0.27mm stainless steel sheetmetal or plastic etc.
(3) Wires + Metal Clippart - If we get logo paper clips made into binder clips, the material&technology is actually a combination of wire and sheetmetal:
The sheet metal portion is usually made of manganese steel in 0.2-0.3mm, and can be covered with full imprinting.
There are some different options for specification: 19mm, 25mm, 41mm etc. The usual diameter of wire handle is in 1.2-1.5mm. You can make the choice upon different purposes and uses.
We can also customize logo paper clips in different colors and sizes. If you have any special request on that, just please inform us in advance.
Order Process
(1) For existing designs, you could pick up one of them in our categories, and place the order directly. We have a wild selection in which there are various logo paper clips for your reference. Most of time, we don't sell those registered trademarks and logos in bulk due to brand dispute, but welcome any inquiries and discussion of custom logo paper clips.

(2) Wire Shaped Paper Clips

If you want a custom paper clip, the order process usually will be:
Step 1: Buyers could send us an inquiry first including the order details.
The details include an image to show the logo shape, the requests on quantity, color, package if there’s any.
Also please do not forget to inform us the deadline of order delivery beforehand if you would like the order for an urgent event which would quite help for us on how to deploy our work. Take the Mac Apple image for example:
logo image for paper clips
Step 2: We would design a mock-up artwork based on the image provided to show what the final solid paper clip looks like.
mock up of logo paper clips
Step 3: We quote the price based on customer’s confirmation, check the delivery time as well.
Step 4: After the customer processes the payment to approve the order. We would proceed to the mass production soon. (A sampling could be also acceptable if for a large quantity. Sampling would need an extra fee).
logo paper clips
Step 5: We send the high-resolution photos for confirmation to have the buyer know the order status.

Step 6: We arrange the shipment, provide the tracking number once it is available from our shipper.


(3) Flat Metal Paper clips / Printing Paper Clips

You also could have them made into logo printed paper clips in stainless steel or metal binder clips. Up to the present, we've had some frequently-used templates of printed stainless steel paper clips as below:
stainless steel paper clips with logo printing
If you would like order these, firstly then you would need to specify the order requests order as above: dimensions, quantities, printed or etching text etc. We could make a mockup to show what it would look like.
We certainly also can customize a template for a special project, but which would incur an additional mold charge.


printed paper clips, stainless steel paper clips
Secondly, after that we would proceed to it based on your requirements and confirmation.Thirdly, when the printed paper clips are done, we would send high-resolution photos to show the status of completion, indicating these stainless steel paper clips are ready to ship.
printed paper clips in stainless steel sheetmetal
Printing logo paper clips; Flat metal paper clips
Finally we would send them out via the shipping route as negotiated and advise the tracking number as soon as it is available from our shipper.We can also make logo paper clips into logo-etching stainless steel paper clips which look pretty cool, fun and unique.



(4) Decorative Binder Clips

We also can have customer's logo imprinted onto the metal sheet of binder clips as follows:
decorative binder clips, custom logo binder clips
Step 1: Please advise us the order details for your project(logo image for reference, quantity, color, shipping address etc). Also we have different specifications available for the metal part sizes: 15mm, 19mm, 25mm, 32mm, 41mm, 51mm. And make the wire handles into the logo shape you expect as showed: (You can learn more details of specifications via Tech Options - Binder Clips):
logo image for custom binder clips
Step 2: We would provide the cost and relevant information for your consideration.decorative binder clips, custom binder clips
Step 3: Upon the confirmation, customer arranges the payment of the order and we will proceed to the mass production.
Step 4: We would provide the tracking number after the shipping reaches out.



Order Requests
The minimum quantites depends on different producing technologies and materials:
(1) Wire Paper Clips
For the standard colors as showed in our color chart, the minimum quantity is 5 000 pieces per color. The minimum quantity for a custom vinyl-coated PMS color is usually 50 000pcs. But for a spray-paint color, then the minimum quantity could be around 5 000 pieces, just the price would be a bit higher due to the extra color-matching fee.
As for the shapes for which we have hand-held molds or stocks, we can sell it in small quantities, but would probably take longer on production time.
(2) Printed Paper Clips
The minimum quantity for imprinting logo paper clips is usually 3 000pcs. And if less than that, there would need some set-up charges additionally.
(3) Logo Binder Clips
The MOQ for custom binder clips usually starts with 2 000-3 000pcs depends on actual sizes. But for the binder clips in normal styles and specifications, there's no minimum quantity limit. We can do it more flexibly.
Anyway it's just a rough division between different series of clips, if you have any special request on binder or paper clips, you could also contact us, sourcing out more information to check the availability. Sometimes it's just a matter of cost.


Packaging Options
If there is no special request on packaging method, we will usually pack the paper clips into polybags by bulk such as 300pcs per bag, 500pcs per bag. Pouch or box packaging with small quantities for each will require an extra packing cost.
(1) For the logo paper clips in wire, we usually pack them into polybags, tin boxes, plastic boxes or paper boxes, just same as we do for the packaging of shaped paper clips. We can also put imprinting logo on box lid to make a perfect little gift packet for next promotion or event.
tin box for shaped paper clips with logo printing
(2)For the logo printed paper clips, the packaging would be a little bit different.The default packaging is to pack into polybags with a paper card in bulk.
logo imprinted stainless steel paper clips(3) We can also make a custom packaging solution such as plastic boxes, tin boxes, blister cards etc.
stainless steel paper clips; imprinted logo paper clips
Payment Methods

For the payment methods, we usually accept Credit/Debit Cards (Via Paypal), Wire Transfer, Western Union etc.

Also please note all of our prices are based on FOB China's port, which means we are not responsible for all the force majeure such as customs inspection, earthquake, war, governmental requisition, strike, incident of violence etc. So if you would like to secure the transportation and payment, you might need a third-part insurance for it.

Also if your order is for a special, urgent event or promotion, then please do not forget to advise the deadline for use, so that we can arrange an idealest delivery route for you. Otherwise it would be not our responsibility for the delay&loss since we are not effectively informed beforehand.

For the products in our collection, you could directly buy them from our website. The default payment method is “Payapl Express Checkout”.

For big amount of payments, you could make the payment via bank transfer fully, or partially to save the transaction fee.


Contact&Inquire Us
If you have any special requests for custom paper clips or any doubt, please contact us for more details. We’ll look forward to a further negotiation. You could proceed to it through Contact Us page or the information below:
Contact: Jack
Tel: +86 575 8335 3700; +86 152 6751 1098

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