The manufacturing technology is a very important factor to work out an perfect paper clips. We've been always devoted to working with the best for years, hence we hope you can find the idealest outcome here as well.

We offer various professional technological solutions to fulfill all customers' requirements effectively. Also, any suggestions for improvement or new application will be highly appreciated.

1. Shaped Paper Clips in Wire

Wire shaped paper clips presently is the most favorable solution for use because of its comparatively low cost and creative, diversified designs. It has different guages or specifications upon customers' requirements:, 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 4.0mm. The most frequently-used ones are 1.0-1.2mm. We are also fine with the thicker ones for jumbo paper clips or wire decorations for the idea of potential untapped markets. For the more related information, you check it out visiting the section of Shaped Paper Clips.

wire shaped paper clips

2. Printed Stainless Steel Paper Clips / Logo Printed Paper Clips

If you would like a customized printed paper clip for your project, you could put any imprinting on 1 or both sides.You could choose one or a few of the templates we are most frequently using in our stock. Then we could offer mockups for printing and move forward with sampling once order is approved. For more styles in our selection, please check the category of Printed Paper Clips.

printed stainless steel paper clips

models of printed paper clips in stock

3. Metal Binder Clips with Wire-shaped Handles

It's a technogical combination. We make the shaped wires as wire handles and sheetmetal clips separately, then essemble them both together to be a binder clip. You can also put any imprinting of logo or image on these clips. You could also check our category of Custom Binder Clips to view more information.

office metal binder clips

4. Stamping Paper Clips.
We can also punch stainless steel sheetmetal via machine to make this stamping paper clips in various different images and outlines.

shaped paper clips in stamping or punching


5. Soft PVC Rubber Paper Clips

soft PVC decorative paper clips


6. We also have some other existing styles available in different specifications for sale:
Fish Binder Clips(stainless steel wire skeleton paper clips)
Metal Hinge Clips/Bulldog Clips
Plastic Paper Clips
You could check every category as listed above to view more details or purchase directly.

You could choose one or a few of them to proceed based on your budget and demand. Generally speaking, the wire shaped paper clips cost the least which is probably the most recommedable style, promotional stainless steel paper clips and the other are great as well and also pretty worthy of consideration if budget allows.