Shaped Paper Clips

shaped paper clips

Shaped Paper Clips
shaped paper clips in the outline of mermaid
Shaped Paper Clips are the wire paper clips or metal paper clips formed into various shapes upon different requests: animals, Christmas, cartoon characters, plants, vehicles, logos etc. Compared with the conventional and traditional austere, sterile designs which obviously can’t fully satisfy market demand, these shaped paper clips are greatly cuter, more creative, fun and stylish. More importantly, they are flexible on customization. Whether you are looking for generic shapes already exists in our collection, or a special clip in the shapes of exclusive logos, or names for your special events or promotions, we can do it. The only thing holding us back is your vision. If you can dream it, we can make it!

Also, just as mentioned above, these shaped paper clips have more uses than the conventional ones seen around us:

(1) Creative Stationery - They are creative stationery for the paper work of any organizations about books, binding papers, and numbering pages.

(2) Decor Accessories – A terrific decoration to any gift books, DIY greeting cards, invitation cards, or for a party or wedding to foster an atmosphere.

(3) Business Gifts – Great for friends, customers, students to show the affection in various events: conferences, holidays, celebrations, parties.

(4) Promotional Gifts – Perfect for next promotion to show the individuality of your business, getting your ideas across via custom logo paper clips, winning the potentials of future customers and cooperation.

We are also specialized in manufacturing custom paper clips designed and made upon clients' requests.

Categories of Shaped Paper Clips:

Animals     Body Parts & People     Cartoon      Holidays     Clothes

Currency Signs     Food & Drink     Geometry     House Ware     Insects

Letters       Music       Nature       Numbers        Plants              Sports

Tools        Vehicles        Weapons      Logos

For the wire shaped paper clips in regular sizes, we usually use 1.0-1.2mm PE or PVC wrapped wires. But, if it is for jumbo-sized paper clips, then the wire diameter could increase up to around 1.5 or even 4mm. The mould charge is refundable upon approval of the orders from customers. For the metal paper clips, we are using stainless steel sheet in the thickness of 0.1-0.3mm,


(1) Made By Machine
In a matter of fact, common spring machine can deal with most of regular wire shapes: pentacle, rectangles, squares, triangles and some other simple styles while there’s a higher request to the manufacturing machine for the other complicated ones. Especially for some words paper clips, we might have to handle it with some special types of octopus machines. The advantage of machine-made paper clips is very flat, uniform, durable, fast and efficient. But customers have to order in bulk.
(2) Made By Hand
We can also make wire shaped paper clips by hand by using hand-held molds for which there’s usually a US$50 mold charge. We usually make a certain number of molds according to the confirmed artwork, then organize a teamwork to proceed to the mass production. The advantage of Hand-made work is to provide a possibility of small wholesale for customers. For the metal paper clips, we certainly don’t support hand work.


(1) PE coated colors We have a color chart in which there includes all the standard colors as displayed for regular orders. You can choose any of them which looks the closest one for your need without color-matching charges.
(2) Spray-paint colors Spray-paint (also called Baking Varnish) colors in some special PMS (Pantone Matching System) numbers call for a color-matching cost upon customer’s request. The key point of this technology requires a good-quality workmanship otherwise the paint would easily brush off, simultaneously it can’t cover all the joints, cracks and overlaps.
(3) Electroplated colors When we talk of metal colors, usually it refers to electroplated silver color. Other than that, they also can be made into electroplated gold, rose gold, chromatic colors.
(4) Electrophoresis colors It is becoming more and more prevalent with the emergence of spraying technology.
(5) Oxidized colors

We usually recommend the stocked colors in our collection for customers’ orders. You could check our color chart for reference. But, if customers really want a PMS (Pantone Matching System) color, then there would be possibly a color-matching charge, the costs floats according to different order quantities as showed below. Once it exceeds 50 000pcs, then the charge is refundable upon the order approval.


Color-matching Fee

5,000 pieces 

US $220

10,000 pieces

US $200

20,000 pieces

US $170

30,000 pieces

US $140

40,000 pieces

US $120

50,000 pieces

US $100

60,000 - 90,000 pieces

US $95

>=50,000 pieces / color


100,000 pieces



Terms of Minimum Quantity
(1) The minimum quantity mostly depends on the color issue. For a custom PMS color, the MOQ for vinyl-coated colors is usually 100 000pcs each. But, if the spray-paint colors are also acceptable for the wire shaped paper clips, then the minimum quantity could be around 5000 pieces, just custom colors would cost additionally due to color-matching fee.
For the standard colors as showed in our color chart, the minimum quantity is 3 000-5 000 pieces per color.
(2) As for the shapes for which we have hand-held molds or stocks, we can sell it in small quantities, but would probably take longer on production time.


Order Process of custom shaped paper clips
(1) Order from our stocked designs We have various categories in different themes as you can find on our website. If you would like an instant order, you could just search what you look for on our site, and finish the purchase directly within minutes.
(2) Custom Projects of wire shape paper clips
Step 1: First, you'd need submit us an image to illustrate, or a detailed narrative to show what you are looking for, and how you expect to make it into a solid paper clip.
Also,please advise the request on color, quantity of shaped paper clips if there's any.
Cinderella silhouette for shaped paper clips
Step 2: Second, usually we have an artwork/mock-up provided for the confirmation for the mass production to come with relevant details such as price, size, etc.
mock up for cinderella shaped paper clips
Step 3: Third, upon the bilateral agreement, we would press ahead the production for customer’s order upon the order approval and payment.
The production time usually take 12-15 days for a regular order upon the approval. But the duration finally depends on the actual quantity.
Finish Cinderella shaped paper clips
Step 4: After the completion of order, we would provide some high-resolution photos to show the status of goods condition. Also, the balance should be down if it is a partial payment. For a large amount, it is usually done upon the copy of Bill of Lading.
Step 5: After the confirmation on shipment,we will deliver the goods as soon as possible, providing the tracking number.
For the details of jumbo shaped paper clips, please visit the category of Jumbo Paper Clips to learn more.
(3) Shaped paper clips in printed metal
We also have the business of printed metal paper clips in our line.
They are usually made of stainless steel metal material, and you can put imprint on 1 side or both sides.
For the more details of products, please visit Printed Clips for perusal.
printed metal paper clips in custom print and shape
As for the order process of printed metal clips, here are the options:
Option 1
You could use directly our existing frequently-used models/shapes, forward us the files in .eps or .pdf format for the print if there's any.
models of custom printed metal paper clips
Option 2
If you would like a new model in different sizes,then there would need a mold charge, please contact us for the mold fee upon the actual size you are looking for.
The other steps of order process of printed paper clips are similar to the ones of shaped paper clips:

Step 1: Forward us order details & requests;
Step 2: Submit mock-up designs / artworks and confirm prices, sizes, turnout time;

mock up of printed paper clips
Step 3: Make payments, and proceed to the production;
Step 4: Arrange the shipping upon confirmation, provide tracking number.


Payment Methods

1. Paypal (recommended)

When you proceed to the purchase on our website, the payment would be finally redirected to “Paypal Checkout” to be made. It is safe and quite convenient, and would only take a few minutes to finish.

2. Wire Transfer

For the amount over US $500), in most cases it would be more reasonable to proceed via bank transfer fully, or partially to save the transaction fee. But presently it comes into our account only with the name of “labor fee” or “service charge” due to the foreign exchange control, also you have to provide the tax proof. It usually takes 1-3 workdays to arrive for wire transfer. The bank information of ours is as follows:

Beneficiary Bank: 


Swift Bic.: 





Beneficiary Name: 








A/C No.: 







3. Other Methods

Western Union and any other payment methods would be also workable if we both agree on that.


Packaging Options
Here are just some options presently for the packing use.
(1) Poly bag
All the orders are packed with poly-bags in bulk if customers have no special request on it. And we provide it for free of charge.
(2) Tin
logo shaped paper clips in a tin
We have different specifications of tin boxes for different requests. And you can also put a sticker on the lid, or make a print directly on it.
(3) Plastic Box
Plastic crystal box looks clear, neat, luxury and economical. It is perfect for packing shaped paper clips.
plastic crystal box for shaped paper clipscrystal box for shaped paper clips
(4) Paper Box
The minimum quantity of paper box is around 5 000pcs, but negotiable for different specifications. And customers have to specify the details such as dimensions, cardboard specifications, and print if there’s any.
(5) Blister card
This package is usually for the sale of supermarket, emporiums with its hanging hole design. And customers have to specify the relevant details as paper box as well: dimensions, prints etc.


Contact Us
If there’s anything else still doubt, or whatever you could count on us, please just contact us for a further direct discussion via:
Tel: +86 575 8335 3700; +86 152 6751 1098



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