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In most cases, customers can place their orders directly through our webiste. Such a method looks more official and safer. But we also accept off-website transaction for customers' convenience, especially for the custom-made projects. Upon the bilateral agreement on various details, we could send you a link of Paypal invoice to collect payment for a further arrangement of mass production. You could also write to us once any doubt you have for the product information as displayed online.

Shapes In Stock

For the shapes and styles in stock listed on our website, you could just place the order online directly. The default payment method will be automatically redirected to a Paypal invoice for your order. And you can process and finish it by a few simple steps with your credit card. We also accept other methods such as wire transfer, Western Union etc.


Custom Order Process

car shaped decorative paper clipsWire Shaped Paper Clips

For the custom projects of wire shaped paper clips, printed paper clips etc, then we usually follow the process as below:

Step 1: You would need provide the order details for your project: reference image(to show what shape you would like) or print text you would like to make or print; order quantities etc.

  • (1) Design Artwork or Reference Picture

    It couldn't better if you can send us a reference image to show what you are exactly looking for clip shape so that we can check the availability here and work out an accurate price for your project.

  • (2) Quantity

    The requested minimum quantities depends on different producing materials and technologies.

    You could check out the related information of description for each category: shaped paper clipsjumbo paper clips, logo paper clips&binder clips, memo clips . 

  • (3) Color

    As for the colors, it would be great if you can inform your request to us beforehand before we work out an accurate cost for your project. Color is one of the important factors of price composition when it concerns some special colors such as electroplating gold, multi-color plating, custom spray-paint colors or plastic-coated colors. For standard colors in our stock, you could refer to this color chart section.



    Printing Paper Clips in Stainless SteelPrinted Paper Clips

    For the colors of printed paper clips, please kindly sending us the print text or reference file for the printing and inform us the Pantone Numbers for each color for the print text that you request if possible. Alternatively we could also proceed to it on our terms based on the approved sample.


    Custom Decorative Binder Clips in different designs 

    Binder Clips

    For decorative binder clips, let us know your requests for binder clip specifications and print texts if necessary.

    Frequently-used Parms for Custom Binder Clips


    Metal Thickness

    Wire Diam.

    Total Height

    Base Width


    0.37-0.4 mm

    1.9-2 mm

    91 mm

    24 mm


    0.32-0.34 mm

    1.7-1.8 mm

    69 mm

    19 mm


    0.28-0.3 mm

    1.5-1.6 mm

    55 mm

    15 mm


    0.26-0.28 mm

    1.3-1.4 mm

    47 mm

    12 mm


    0.24-0.26 mm

    1.2-1.3 mm

    37 mm

    8 mm


    0.2 mm

    1.1 mm

    25 mm

    6 mm


    Memo Clip Holders

    For memo clips, you have to inform us the order details as above by confirming the size, height, color, quantity and other information which are related to the final price. Currently we made the memo holders in our product line in the thickness of wire diameters: 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm...etc.

  • (4) Package

    We have various packaging methods for shaped paper clips. You could visit Package Option category to check out the information: polybag, plastic box; tin box, paper box, blister card etc.

    If we have any special request on packaging or printing, you could just contact us for a further negotiation.

Step 2: We would estimate and offer quotes for your project. If it comes into your approval, then we would make the artwork or mockup based on reference pictures, and provide relevant details such as size, turnover time etc.

Step 3: Once the order is approved, we would proceed to the production as soon as the payment or deposit is down. (For bigger quantities, a sampling could be also available if customer requests)

Step 4: After the order is finished, we would send you high-resolution photos for confirmation to make sure we do the right thing.

Step 5: If all is OK, and confirmed,we would arrange the shipping immediately, and provide the tracking number for you to follow up the shipping status.


Huge-Amount Orders

In most cases, we tend to deal with payments via bank transfer, Paypal or Western Union as long as both of us agree on the methods. But, if there are orders with huge-amount, we could consider to deal with through Letter of Credit to strengthen the transaction security. (In our experience, more than US $30 000 approx.)

If there's any other questions about paper clips in our business line, please contact us any time.

Email:                 Tel: 86-152 6751 1098


Jack Chow